Microsoft Word is the stupidest, most non-intuitive, poorly designed, piece of crap, word-processing program ever designed.  The morons who created it should all be taken out and whacked in the knees with bats and have needles poked into their nipples.

Here’s a concept, WORDPERFECT.  Want a well-designed document, WordPerfect can do the job.  Want a fucked up disaster mess of a document?  Use Word.

Piece of shit.  I hate it.

One thought on “Word

  1. I don’t mind MSWord in general (of course, I haven’t used Wordperfect since the 80s), but you certainly don’t want to use Word to copy and paste your WordPress posts…I’m so glad I figured out to use Windows Live Writer instead. MSWord will consistently mess up fonts, paragraphing, and just about everything else on WordPress.

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