Get a Grip

All the world is freaked out about swine flu.  81 people have died.  I’m sorry those people are dead, but claiming this “might turn into a pandemic,” stopping travel between Mexico and other countries, detaining people with a cough and assuming they have swine flu is such a leap of logic, it’s ridiculous.  More people than that die daily in car wrecks; what are we going to do, ban cars?  Right.  It seems world leaders have been watching too many movies.  They also seem to discount the fact that the few who had it in New York have not been conclusively diagnosed with swine flu, and they have healed and are just fine.  It is as likely a possibility that the Mexicans who died from the flu did so because of other problems, such as hospital procedures, as it is that they died exclusively because of the flu.  What now, going to go start murdering some pigs and stopping everyone with a cold and acting like complete lunatics without any examination of reality?  I wouldn’t doubt it.

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